What Makes Top Latin Songs Popular Among Their Listeners

Top New Latin Songs List 2016

Latin Songs – There are thousands of languages that people all over this planet speak to communicate. Most of these languages have their geographic locations. As far as significance of these languages is concerned, then you must accept that most of them are priceless. Latin is one of the oldest languages in this world. People believe that this language gave birth to various other languages including English and Hebrew.

You can easily understand the fact that Latin has a rich cultural and traditional trackback. This ages old language has been blessed with some outstanding musical personalities who have left their impression in the hearts and minds of millions of listeners.Latest Latin Songs List

Latin Songs, as people say, are one of the most wonderful songs that humans have created or listened to till now. Most of these songs are composed by the music maestros, and their impression can be felt quite clearly while listening to them.

These songs convey all sorts of messages that are useful to create a bondage between two people. As music has no language of its own, so you can understand the basic part of top Latin songs by listening to them with deeper concentration.

List of Top Latin Songs 2016

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Nu Shooz, “I Can’t Wait” (1986)
Metro Area, “Miura” (2001)
George Michael, “Killer/Papa Was a Rolling Stone” (1993)
Whitney Houston, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” (1987)
Anita Ward, “Ring My Bell” (1979)
Soul II Soul, “Back to Life (However Do You Want Me)” (1989)
Christina Aguilera featuring Redman, “Dirrty” (2002
Miss Kittin & the Hacker, “Frank Sinatra” (1997)
Bedrock featuring KYO, “For What You Dream Of” (1993)
Lissette Melendez, “Together Forever” (1991)
Gwen Stefani, “What You Waiting For?” (2004)
Brass Construction, “Movin’” (1975)
Yarbrough & Peoples, “Don’t Stop the Music” (1980)
“Noche de Sexo” by JC (Translation: “Sex Night”)
“Su Veneno” by Aventura (Translation: “Her Venom/Poison”)
ABBA, “Lay All Your Love on Me” (1980)
“Obsesion” by Aventura (Translation: “Obsession”)
“Necio” by Romeo Santos ft. Santana (Translation: “Fool”)
“Promise” by Romeo Santos ft. Usher
“You” by Romeo Santos
“Propuesta Indecente” by Romeo Santos (Translation: “Indecent Proposal”)
“Solo por un Beso” by Aventura (Translation: “Only for a Kiss”)
“Lento y Suave” by Elvis Martinez (Translation: “Slowly and Softly”)

While you talk about the Latin Remix Songs, you just cannot forget some of the outstanding singers who have brought glory as well as global popularity to the Latin Songs 2016.

These singers include Selena Quintanilla, Christina Aguilera, Celia Cruz, Marc Anthony, Mariah Carey, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, and many more. You can easily estimate the popularity of Latin songs by the fact that they appear in almost all the popular countdown charts.

Billboard countdown charts have quite a few Latin Songs in them. Finding the best of these songs is no more a difficult task. You can find them easily on the Internet. Just download them and start enjoying them whenever you need or want.

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